The Hummingbird Method 
Super Boosted Affirmations!
"Why is our own happiness an afterthought?
 True healing starts when we consciously choose, to make ourselves a priority." 

- Sarah Turner, Dijolife

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Why the Hummingbird?
The Hummingbird totem represents...
  • A joyous soul, 
  • Creativity and playfulness,
  • The ability to rise above negativity,
  • The endurance to travel great distances tirelessly,
  • Resilience,
  • Firm boundaries, and 
  • Self-Care!
    How will this benefit me?
    Throughout this course you will...
    • Build and refine your specific affirmations, 
    • Implement an effective daily affirmation routine,
    • Be supported to remain disciplined in your practice,
    • Learn to shift your subconscious blockages,
    • Discover a deeper understanding of self, 
    • Recognise your stress points and triggers, and 
    • Connect with others in a safe healing environment.
    Do you experience any of the following?
    • Excessive dread and worry,
    • Over analysing and constantly comparing your life to others, 
    • Always busy and struggling to relax,
    • Mental and physical fatigue, and
    • Rumination (constantly reliving past past mistakes).

    The Truth! 

    Every 60s the average woman has 20 NEGATIVE thoughts!
    Every thought is a conversation with the universe, what are you praying for?

    You are not alone! 

    Over 80% of women battle negative thoughts on a daily basis.  

    Dijolife can help! 

    At Dijolife, it is our mission to teach you how to embrace your hidden vulnerabilities, so you can live with an authentically joyous connection, practice guilt-free self-care, and enforce the boundaries you need to create healthy relationships with yourself and others. 
    What is the Hummingbird Method?
    • Series of online courses, designed to not overwhelm, but improve your daily routine.
    • Gently presented to inspire healing, connection and relaxation.
    • Ongoing tools that will help you in your everyday life.
    • PLUS: You'll also get access to our private 'Hummingbird" facebook community.
    What are Super Boosted Affirmations?
    • They are my unique method of practicing affirmations that incorporate gratitude into a daily practice to increase abundance, 
    • They are a quick an easy way to change your unconscious conversations with the universe (less than 5mins a day),
    • They are a tool for shifting your subconscious blockages and emotional triggers, and
    • They are a powerful mindfulness training technique.
    "It's your 'soul' journey, so your teacher should be someone that triggers within you, your innate ability to heal yourself."  
    - Sarah Turner
    What's included?
    • 100% self paced, online training module containing:
    • Guided meditations, worksheets and instructional videos, and
    • Access to Dijolife Inner Circle closed facebook group.
    How long will it take?
    • Less than a week if you have 30mins a day,
    • But take as long as you need, as you are buying lifetime access to the course.
    How is dijo different?
    At Dijolife we combine science, with traditional spirituality. Sarah is an International Category A Hydrographic Surveyor,  
    (Post Grad University of Plymouth). Sarah also holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of New South Wales, and is a qualified meditation and yoga instructor. 

      Meet your instructor 

      Hi my name is Sarah Turner
      I am a retired Naval Officer with over a decade’s experience leading military operations and teams. I served in the Persian Gulf – War on Terror and numerous Humanitarian and Border Force Operations globally. I may have navigated a war ship through the hostile straights of Hormuz, but behind my mask of success, I was silently screaming for help.

      My life came crashing down when I was medically discharged with PTSD, severe anxiety and alcohol abuse. I wanted to change my story, but I didn't know where to start and that was when Dijolife was born.

       I created my own healing path and since 2010, I have helped thousands of women release their "masks of perfection" and return to a calmer state of authentic joy. Dijolife has grown to over 50000 members globally, we understand self-care (and I don't meen the toxic positivity kind that floods the self-help market). 
      Ready to invest in yourself?  

      Still not quite sure if this is for you? 

      This Method Is Designed For Souls Who Are Ready to Practice Self-Care! 
      Below are some testimonials from our wonderful Dijolife tribe...x

      Dijo makes me feel like at my darkest moments there is a source of light I can turn my face towards. A community of pure kindness and love. It's a rare thing in this fast impersonal world we live in.

      Sarah McNaughton-James, Penzance, Cornwall 

      Dijo has been an amazing support to me. Hearing from Sare and other women how they are managing and balancing life’s celebrations and challenges. The support from others is incredible and it’s often underestimated how a few words can make a huge difference to your day.  
      I’m a professional woman and don’t often have enough time to connect in person with other like minded women so Dijo has been perfect for me.  
      Dijo offer words of support, recommend services, self care, love and encouragement to get through the hard stuff. Equally Dijo’s there to celebrate life’s achievements and the great things and for me that’s invaluable. 

      Jodie Price, South Australia, Australia

      Dijo Life has been a light in my darkness many times through the years.  
      Sare has opened her arms to the world and offered amazing love and acceptance, and in doing so she had changed so many lives, empowered so many people. She taught me to be the quirky, fun, loud and brilliant person I am and to be proud of that person!  I'm thankful every single day for Sare and the uplifting love and acceptance the Dijo Life community has brought to my life.  

       Darla Coker, Bremerton, Washington 

      I believe that Dijo has had a profound effect on my mental health and overall wellbeing. It’s a safe space to share problems, ask for advice and support from the other members. 
       Mj Raeper, Dundee, United Kingdom 

      I could never say enough kind words about you dear Sarah! We crossed paths when I needed you most. My life was a horrible mess and so much damage and depression. I suffer from ptsd. Your inspirational story and always seeing your post on dijo life that always seemed to fit what I was feeling at that time. Your a angel for sure. Next month Dec marks 3yrs of many things I have over come and steadily grow in my strength. Thank you so much for your time and energy you give on a daily basis! Love and light to you! 

      Kimberly Baker, USA